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The Snail Mage
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey there! My name's Arch. I'm an artist just trying to make a name for himself and entertain a few people. If you'd like, please feel free to look at my gallery and possibly enjoy doing so! I'd certainly appreciate it!
If you wanna know some stuff about me, I'm a huge fan of video games, such as Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokémon, Professor Layton, etc. I'm also a big fan of animation, so I love cartoons like Teen Titans, Samurai Jack, Steven Universe, and too many anime to list! To put it simply, I'm a gigantic nerd ^^;
If you wanna find me elsewhere and play games or something, here are some of those:
Nintendo Network ID: ArchtheAngel342
3DS Friend Code: 4253-3594-0531
PSN: ArchdiAngelo
Discord: Only friends get this. Sorry! Note me if you wanna add me there
DA Stamp - Snail At Heart 001 by tppgraphics


Happy holidays, everybody! Merry Giftmas!
How Far We've Come...
Wow, been a while since you've seen this guy, huh?

So, remember how I said in that one status update that I probably wouldn't be posting anything for a while due to my time being taken up by Final Fantasy XV? Well, I didn't really think about when I was posting that because soon after I said that, I went on vacation to visit my cousins. I just got back today as a matter of fact. And while I was up there, I decided "Hmm, what should I do for Christmas? Oh, I know! I'll give myself a little present and remake the first picture I ever posted so that I have a benchmark for how far I've come in the past almost three years! Yeah, that'll be awesome!" And so here we are!

For those of you who are just tuning in, here's the original model:  Black Mage by ArchdiAngelo Not too terrible even now I suppose, but I knew I could do a hell of a lot better! Haven't we come so far since then? :iconfinallyplz:

I'd really like to hear what you think, and whether or not you believe I've actually come very far
Welp, prepare for me to not post anything on here for like a month at least, because I just bought Final Fantasy XV for my PS4 and there goes my entire winter break (which lasts until mid-January, I shit you not. I get like a month and a half and it's AWESOME)
Who Wants a Piece of the Champ?!
So, a huge amount of my time recently has been taken up by Pokémon Moon. This, I'm sure, surprises nobody. But hey, I'm almost done with finals for my first semester of college so why not immortalize my team in my gallery! We have, in order from left to right and top to bottom:

Deadeye Rob (Decidueye) - Once a common Rowlet, then later a common Dartrix, something mysterious happened as he evolved to his final form. When he emerged from the light he somehow had gained a scar over his left eye and odd, otherworldly powers. What happened in that light is shrouded in mystery, even to his trainer.

Tank, the Unyielding (Snorlax) - Nobody knew where an enigmatic Munchlax appeared from, holding a strange crystal. He was nevertheless taken in by a kind trainer, and took part in adventures side-by-side with Deadeye Rob from the very beginning of their journey. Eventually he became the one who emerged when a true display of endurance was necessary, as he has proven himself to be nigh unkillable.

Lady Flood (Araquanid) - Bringer of the hive, herald of the outer god, this dark mistress is, through some unknown means, simultaneously adorable and terrifying to all who do not stand in her line of fire. Anything that does, she washes away in a river of death. Her discovery as a small Dewpider is now known to have been foreshadowing the arrival of something beyond comprehension, and though she regards her trainer with respect and friendship, this otherworldly entity seems to be her true master.

Master Teddy (Bewear) - The powerhouse of the team, Master Teddy spent his years as a Stufful perfecting the hug-based fighting technique passed down his family line for generations. While he may be a lover, not a fighter, that does not make him any less deadly. He owes his trainer a life-debt after coming inches away from his demise.

DJ 9-Volt (Vikavolt) - The greatest, most bass-droppingest party master in all of Alola, DJ 9-Volt's career didn't take off until he first evolved into a Charjabug. While this was his start of greatness, it was still a rough and fragile career for him. Once he evolved into his final form however, his place as the party king of Alola was truly cemented. Though he is not arrogant, and attributes his success to the kind trainer that first discovered his talents as a young Grubbin.

Grace XXI (Pronounced 21, not the 21st) (Mimikyu) - A mysterious, otherworldly being, Grace XXI is, by her own admission, an outer god of unfathomable power and incomprehensible form. Hearing her true name incites madness in the weak-minded, so she prefers to go by Grace. She is the enigmatic force that Lady Flood foretold, and she is the herald's true master, though she is very casual and nice since she decided to try out this whole "mortality" thing she's been hearing so much about. When offered the chance at adventure in the mortal world by an ordinary trainer, she jumped at the opportunity, and they became fast friends.

Yes, I gave them all ridiculous backstories to go with their names. Don't judge me, it's fun. And yes, Arch is wearing an Organization XIII coat, only it's blue. It looks awesome and I will have one someday.
Snail Mage Hijinks: I Choose Who?
So, Pokemon Sun and Moon just released, and I am totally gonna be wasting SO MUCH time on it. I bought Moon myself. But the first thing to do is to answer that age old question: Fire, Grass, or Water? Now usually I go with the Water or Fire types, but this time I'm probably going with Rowlett because its evolutions are amazing in every way. Although I love all of these starters almost equally for various reasons, so it really is a painful choice! It's not so much "Who do you choose?" as "Who do you NOT choose?" But funnily enough, all three of the voices in my head chose different starters, making this little cartoon possible!

Also, I decided to try out a new art style for these and other such cartoony things. Tell me what you think of it!



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